How to Dress like a Parisienne

Living in one of the fashion capitals of the world, French women put together timeless looks with a stylish flair. Learn how to dress the French way with our tips on how to dress like a Parisienne!

Anchors away

Nautical stripes are a staple in every French woman’s wardrobe. First popularized by Chanel in the 1970s, this nautical style was inspired by the French naval uniform, which distinguished sailors from waves if they fell overboard. Pair navy stripes with red accents for a look that’s très chic!

Pro-shopping tip: Next time you’re in Paris, pick-up a Breton tee at the marché near the Marais!

Sweater by Le Phare de la Baleine (France)
Hat by MTM (France)
Handbag by Maxi Cuir (France)
Shoes by La Maison d’Espadrilles (France)

Choose taupe

Taupe is the French woman’s color of choice. Whenever we’re deciding between colors during our buying trips in Paris, our designers always immediately say, “taupe!”

Wow-worthy color combos: Wear taupe with orange, red, yellow or navy!

Dress by Le Phare de la Baleine (France)
Hat by MTM (France)
Handbag by Maxi Cuir (France)
Shoes by La Maison d’Espadrilles (France)

Navy is the new black

Tired of seeing so much black in your wardrobe? Change it up with a little navy dress! The French wear navy as a neutral in place of black.

Accessory Inspiration: Accent your LND with pink, red or orange accessories!

Dress by Rinascimento (Italy)
Hat by MTM (France)
Handbag by Rinascimento (Italy)

“Walk like you have three men walking behind you.” – Oscar de la Renta

The French are always concerned with what they look like when they’re walking away. French designers often accent the back of a garment to give the piece that look of “je ne sais quoi.”

Dress by Eva Tralala (France)
Hat by Anytra (Czech Republic)
Shoes by La Maison d’Esparilles

Mix black and brown

The French mix color combinations that Americans tend to shy away from. Wear black and brown together to create a look à la française!

Top by Le Phare de la Baleine (France)
Handbag by Maxi Cuir (France)
Belt by Le Phare de la Baleine (France)




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